The Dublin Flea Market

Delighted to have got to illustrate the May poster for the ever popular Dublin Flea Market this year. Many illustrators I admire have had opportunities to do this, so I was so happy to get the chance to have my take on it - lots of fun! What better way to describe the event than a whimsical bird in a vintage hat.

To learn more about The wonderful Dublin Flea market see the following link:


Facebook - Dublin Flea Market


ABLE - Award

What a nice way to start the first quarter of the year. The wonderful Anne Culhane once again organised a beautiful exhibition ABLE - Artist Books Limerick Exhibitionof artist books from current students in LSAD and past students like myself. Such a diversity of styles it truly was a delight to attend.

They even had a few awards going and I was honoured to be awarded a prize as part of the exhibition for my artist book 'Every Soul Has A Dark Forest'.  I aim to get my book seen as much as possible (as I spent a long 3 months looking at it) so being part of the show was enough, the prize was a huge compliment and I am very grateful for the recognition.

ABLE 2016

Runs from 15th February until the 29th February. I only hope the show gets bigger and better each year!


Every Soul Has A Dark Forest, 2016

Every Soul Has A Dark Forest, 2016

Gone Without A Trace

It is so nice to get to work on commission's that are personal to the client and you are told "do whatever you want". That is what this commission I am working on is all about. Littered with secrets, reminders and hopes. Something the client will have forever. I am having so much fun with this particular piece, thought though at times as its quite a big one at 42 x 59.6 cm... I get so lost in it, in a dream like state. It's a magical place...

Progress... Gone Without A Trace...

Progress... Gone Without A Trace...

Look out for the rest of the progress and the finished piece on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Finished piece will also be on my Portfolio.

( NB I take commissions regularly but different times can be busier than others so do ask in advance to avoid disappointment. )


Imagination Is Magic

I got a wonderful message couple of weeks ago from the lovely Michaela Burke who was carrying out teaching lessons with children in some London schools. I was really taken aback when she told she was going to use my art practice as a discussion theme. The students were given worksheets whereby they responded to my style of drawing and themes I explore.

I just had to share the wonderful and imaginative work they came up with. They designed book covers for a book my drawings could be telling. My favourite I think had to of been one child which Michaela told me about " where he imagined a lock on a tree and within the lock was a whole world of creatures from your drawings and that's where they would go to keep safe away from people!" How wonderful is that. Take a look at the beautiful drawings that were inspired my my drawings. I feel so fuzzy and happy when I look at these....

Can you figure out which work of mine they were responding to? :P

University of Limerick Art Collection

So, I have some very special news to share with you regarding my recent work ' Every Soul Has A Dark Forest ' currently on display in The Bourne Vincent Gallery. The University of Limerick have decided to go and purchase it for their art collection!


It's nearly two weeks since I found out and I still haven't fully processed it tbh...It has been one of my most ambitious pieces to date and a solid two months of work and mixed emotions. It is a huge honour as an artist to be recognized in this way by the University and I think it will still take me more time to believe it... I of course had lots of encouraging people along the way who seen me working on different sections before it became the final piece so thank you for keeping me focused.

I take the opportunity to remind you about the Hyphae exhibition out in The Bourne Vincent Gallery in UL. There is only a week and a half left to go out and see my work on display. The response so far has been overwhelming and I really appreciate all those who have made it out to the exhibit or who plan to. 

In addition, there are 10 limited print edition books for sale at the gallery.

Every Soul Has A Dark Forest.... Hyphae Exhibition, UL

These are some preview details of a commission I was invited to create for the Hyphae Exhibtiion taking place in The Bourne Vincent Gallery in The University of Limerick this October....'Every Soul has a Dark Forest'. It is truely my most ambitious and testing piece to date. An accordion style artist book that opens over a metre wide filled with original drawings of intricate details of a whimsical forest holding secrets rendered with a archival fine tip pen.

- Let me know what you think if you get to drop in.

Once Upon A Time....Love Letters From Limerick

This was my finished piece for ‪#‎LoveLettersFromLimerick‬'s charity auction that took place on the 1st of October in aid of Corbett Suicide Prevention down in the Fab Lab Limerick . It was a huge success thanks to artists , local businesses and the general public. Sign painting got a new lease of life and it was great fun to get involved. When it comes to anything Mental Health related I am always delighted to get involved.

Stop for a moment...or three

When I got to escape during the summer with my very best friend Dervilla across Eastern Europe, I tried my hardest to take time out and doodle or sketch about the things I was experiencing and seeing. It's so important to remember to really 'see' and absorb whats happening in the present. To take it in. That's how you make really solid memories after all. We spend so much time worrying about whats ahead that we forget to witness how wonderful now is...
Now, that's me just feeling very nostalgic...:)

(Photo by the sneaky and talented Dervilla O Reilly, said interrail buddy. )

And we have winners...!

And we have winners!
Diane O Doherty, Marie Fennessy and Maebh Costello! Well done and thanks to everyone who entered. I won't leave it so long again to throw out a freebie so stay tuned!

Inkist exhibition

Hi Guys,

I am currently getting ready for an exhibition called ‘Inkist’ in Limerick on the 20th of August. It is taking place in the CB1 building on O’ Connell Street,next to (The White House Bar.) I am exhibiting along side 4 wonderful artists too. It is so nice for the focus of the exhibitions to be drawing. I always feel drawing is the main ingredient to many art forms. So refreshing to see and be part of an exhibition like this. 

I live for drawing. I like to think everything i do contributes to being able to create and draw in some way and it feeds into my concepts and ideas.

The detail above is from ‘ A Hare’s Breathe’.

See more on the event here:

Autumn Triple Giveaway

Support no matter how big or small makes a huge difference to me. It allows me and encourages me to keep making art. And, art that I love and need to make.  ‘Thank You’  is a wonderful little phrase in the English language to express how I feel about those who have bought pieces, shared some wisdom, some kind words or silently ‘liked’ an image,  but I like to go a little further.

In case you didn’t already know I have a special triple giveaway going across three social media platforms. I have an exclusive print for



and my beloved Instagram

You can get your hands on a free print which I will post out to you no matter what part of the world you are in. Follow the instructions on the individual posts on how to enter. Good Luck and keep in touch. ;)

Lived In - Reconnecting with colour

After I finished college - where previously I indulged in drawing and ignored colour where possible, trying to focus solely on line making - I grabbed my watercolours and started reconnecting with colour. It was as if I felt I wasn't being watch and I could make all the mistakes I wanted. A bit backwards I know...

Pride - The first of the artist books

This was the first artist book I made and it ended up being a lot more popular than I could of expected. They are handmade on request. It won Best Work in Limerick International Publishers Salon in 2012 in Ormston house.

- A different way to view drawing.

Lithography - Scalp, 2011

Lithography was always a magical process. I am so glad I got to do it a few times in college. I always preferred the image most when it's raw on the stone before printing and before the etch. I always took pictures of the before and after.