Photo courtesy of Fusion Media and Fusion Magazine from their May 2015 Visual Artist feature.

Photo courtesy of Fusion Media and Fusion Magazine from their May 2015 Visual Artist feature.

Helena Grimes is an Irish artist and illustrator based in Limerick, originally from Longford. Her work has been exhibited in various locations nationally in Ireland as well as internationally in the UK, Netherlands, Egypt, Turkey and USA. Her work has been purchased for several private collections in Ireland, the UK and the USA, as well as Longford County Council's municipal art collection. Her work 'Every Soul has a Dark Forest' was commissioned and purchased by the University of Limerick in 2015.

A Fine Line was a solo art exhibition by Helena which introduced the public to the most recent work by the artist. It was held in The Belltable in Limerick in October 2017.

Helena regularly works with clients on commissioned illustration projects in both commercial and personal fields.  She has a range of experience in branding, books, editorial, print work, stationary and exhibitions. She is passionate about bringing to life a client's idea through drawing and design and creating charming illustrations for various projects. Her style is very versatile and fits all kinds of projects big and small. Helena is available for commission so do please get in touch to start discussing your ideas.

Selected clients include: Jameson Whiskey / Rye River Brewing Company / Fusion Magazine / Silver Apples / Irish Arts Review / Headstuff. 

Helena is registered member of The Limerick Printmakers.


Personal Practice

Within her personal practice, her drawings desire to tell a tale or to spawn anew in the minds of the viewers. She illustrates her inner most thoughts and fragments of her imagination. Familiar themes fabricated within her work include anxiety, power, vanity, deceit and degeneration. The work challenges society and culture with aims to enlighten and impact consciously or subconsciously.  The artist describes having an addictive relationship with drawing. She indulges in mark making that takes her off to another world. A fine liner archival pen is never far from her grasp; there is simplicity in the pen medium yet it allows for a variety of possibilities. As a printmaker she also has experience in etchings, lithography and woodblock. No matter what the project, everything always starts with a drawing. The non-human form is a subject she is deeply involved with using as an agency to understand human society and inner self. The animals act as a vehicle for to communicate the artist’s ideas and interpret her world. The drawings have a fable-like quality to them where the work illustrates people and feelings yet the human form is rarely seen. The animal is pure and innocent; less threatening and is also more universal. Her inspirations come from society, culture, books, myths, fairy-tales and of course life itself.

Helena graduated from Limerick School of Art and Design witha BA (Honours) in Fine Art specializing in Printmaking & Contemporary Practice in 2014. 


Artist CV - ExhibitionS

October 2017 - A Fine Line  , Belltable , Limerick (Solo Exhibition)

June 2017 - Kfest Music and Arts, 2017 Kilorglin, Co.Kerry

May 2017 - Uncultured , Sailors Home , Limerick

Feb ruary2017 - ABLE Artists’ books exhibition, Limerick

January 2017 - 1 FT SQ exhibition, The Clinton Centre, Enniskillen

December 2016 - Limerick Printmakers Winter Show, 2016  Belltable , Limerick

August 2016 - Twelve 2016, The Hunt Museum , Limerick

July 2016 - Cruthu Arts Festival, Longford

July 2016 - Impressions Artist Book Exhibition,  Galway Arts Festival, Galway

June 2016 – Kfest Music and Arts, Kilorglin, Co.Kerry

February 2016 - ABLE Artists' books exhibition, Limerick

December 2015 - Limerick Printmakers Winter Show, The Hunt Museum, Limerick

November 2015 – Limerick Printmakers Open Submission 2015, Belltable Limerick

October 2015- Love Letters From Limerick, Fab Lab, Limerick

September 2015 – Hyphae, The Bourne Vincent Gallery, University of Limerick

August 2015 – Inkist, CB1 Building, O Connell St, Limerick

July 2015 – Scenes, Hibernian Court , Longford

June 2015 - KFest Music and Arts , Kilorglin, Co. Kerry

May 2015 - The Coffee Festival Amsterdam, NDSM shipyard, Amsterdam

May 2015 - The Coffee Festival London, Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, London

April 2015 - Plane Invasion, The Church Gallery, LSAD, Limerick

February 2015 - Twelve, Hunt Café of the Hunt Museum, Limerick

December 2014 - 1 FT SQ, The Clinton Centre, Belmore Street, Enniskillen

December 2014 - Five by Seven, Belltable, Limerick

September 2014 - Hospital Shop Window Festival, Main Street, Hospital, Co. Limerick

September 2014 - Visual Arts Open, Higher Bridges Gallery, Enniskillen, Fermanagh

September 2014 - Emerging Artists Exhibition, Art Space, St Patrick’s University Hospital, Dublin 8

August 2014 - 'Personal Space' , Hive Emerging, 25 Michael Street, Waterford

August 2014 - Limerick’s Longford Artists, Grasshopper Boutique, Longford

July 2014 - The Katalog, CIT Wandesford Quay Gallery

May 2014 – Feral – First Light Graduate Show, LSAD, Limerick

May 2014 - All You Need Is Love, The Copper House Gallery, Dublin

April 2014 - 3rd Student International Small Print Show-SIPS 2014 , El Minia University, Cairo, Egypt

October 2013 - Kildare Readers Festival | KRF:1 2013 Artist Notebook Project

August 2013 – Circulation, Black Church Print Studio, Dublin

June 2013 - International Limerick Printmakers Studio & Gallery Open Submission Print Show 2013, Sarsfield Street, Co.Limerick

April 2013 – Recollect, Raggle Taggle, Co.Limerick

April 2013 - PrintEd. Here, Church Gallery, LSAD, Co. Limerick/ Marmara University, School of Fine Arts, Istanbul, Turkey/ Illinois State University, Normal, IL, USA

April 2013 - LSAD The Gathering , Shannon Airport, Co. Clare

April 2013 - Post Art, Limerick School of Art and Design

March 2013 - Work contributed to the 24 Hour Printmaking Session, Source in Thurles, Co. Tipperary

March 2013 - 2nd Student International Small Print Show-SIPS 2013 , El Minia University Minia University, Cairo, Egypt

February 2013 -Limerick School of Art and Design Drawing Awards Exhibition 2013, Co. Limerick

February 2012 - Limerick International Publishers Salon (LIPS), Ormston House, Co.Limerick -

June 2012 - Galway Cat Rescue Charity Art & Photography Auction, Galway Bay Hotel, Co. Galway -

March 2012 - Limerick School of Art and Design Drawing Awards Exhibition 2012, Co. Limerick

March 2011 - Limerick School of Art and Design Drawing Awards Exhibition 2011, Co. Limerick