ABLE - Award

What a nice way to start the first quarter of the year. The wonderful Anne Culhane once again organised a beautiful exhibition ABLE - Artist Books Limerick Exhibitionof artist books from current students in LSAD and past students like myself. Such a diversity of styles it truly was a delight to attend.

They even had a few awards going and I was honoured to be awarded a prize as part of the exhibition for my artist book 'Every Soul Has A Dark Forest'.  I aim to get my book seen as much as possible (as I spent a long 3 months looking at it) so being part of the show was enough, the prize was a huge compliment and I am very grateful for the recognition.

ABLE 2016

Runs from 15th February until the 29th February. I only hope the show gets bigger and better each year!


Every Soul Has A Dark Forest, 2016

Every Soul Has A Dark Forest, 2016

University of Limerick Art Collection

So, I have some very special news to share with you regarding my recent work ' Every Soul Has A Dark Forest ' currently on display in The Bourne Vincent Gallery. The University of Limerick have decided to go and purchase it for their art collection!


It's nearly two weeks since I found out and I still haven't fully processed it tbh...It has been one of my most ambitious pieces to date and a solid two months of work and mixed emotions. It is a huge honour as an artist to be recognized in this way by the University and I think it will still take me more time to believe it... I of course had lots of encouraging people along the way who seen me working on different sections before it became the final piece so thank you for keeping me focused.

I take the opportunity to remind you about the Hyphae exhibition out in The Bourne Vincent Gallery in UL. There is only a week and a half left to go out and see my work on display. The response so far has been overwhelming and I really appreciate all those who have made it out to the exhibit or who plan to. 

In addition, there are 10 limited print edition books for sale at the gallery.