Imagination Is Magic

I got a wonderful message couple of weeks ago from the lovely Michaela Burke who was carrying out teaching lessons with children in some London schools. I was really taken aback when she told she was going to use my art practice as a discussion theme. The students were given worksheets whereby they responded to my style of drawing and themes I explore.

I just had to share the wonderful and imaginative work they came up with. They designed book covers for a book my drawings could be telling. My favourite I think had to of been one child which Michaela told me about " where he imagined a lock on a tree and within the lock was a whole world of creatures from your drawings and that's where they would go to keep safe away from people!" How wonderful is that. Take a look at the beautiful drawings that were inspired my my drawings. I feel so fuzzy and happy when I look at these....

Can you figure out which work of mine they were responding to? :P